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The Emergence of The Transformation Economy

Want to learn how to leverage your Customer Support and CX teams to generate revenue at your consumer IOT or smart tech company? On May 28th, 2020 we joined #1 Best Selling Author Tony Bodoh and Infolink-exp CEO José Antonio González on a live webinar. If you are in charge of  Customer Operations, Customer Experience, Customer Support, Customer Success, and Marketing in a technology company or startup you can not miss it!

Watch now to learn…

  • You’ll learn how a B2C smart tech company can use a customer success paradigm and their support team to guide customers to the outcomes they seek and to their highest potential.
  • About a silent revolution in our economy that few are aware about, which will create a shuffling of the companies that succeed, fail or transform.
  • How Customer Experience (CX) data should drive the optimization of your customer support operations.