Integrated Data-Driven Customer Experience for the IoT Revolution

Are you a growing IoT/Smart Tech Company?


What exactly can you do for a IoT company like mine?

We help fast-growing smart home and IoT technology companies scale their customer operations by providing outsourced support services.  In one phrase, we absorb the complexity of supporting your users.  We turn your support team into a customer retention and revenue expansion engine.  As we learn about your customers, we will use smart analytics to optimize the customer journey.  

What are the benefits to my company of using your solution?

We are all about helping you scale your operations affordably, successfully, and flexibly, delivering a superior customer experience, increasing your customer retention  and expanding revenue from your current customer base. That is what you get.

How long does it take to get started?

Depending on the product and size, a time frame of 3-8 weeks is typically sufficient to roll-out an operation and start seeing results.

What tools do we work with?

If you already work with a preferred platform, our team can work with it.  If not, we can recommend or provide a platform.  The various customer support platforms we have worked with include Zendesk, Kustomer, Talkdesk,, Freshdesk, UJet, Kayako and

How do we engage our services?

Once we’ve jointly identified the services to be provided to your customers, we typically put together a dedicated support team for our clients. We also provide a service manager who is in charge of managing the staff, serves as a local escalation point for non-technical issues, interfaces with our client, manages to defined goals and delivers metrics.


Monika Aufdermauer, director of marketing and customer operations, tells us how August Home has strategically scaled their support operation by partnering with Infolink-exp for flexibility and a great customer experience.

Andrew Vayo, head of customer operations, talks about what Lighthouse saw in Infolink-exp to enlist our support of their AI-powered camera.



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