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Alert Signals That You Have a Scaling Challenge

Does your support operation have a scaling challenge? Are response times getting slow? Are customers complaining that their requests aren’t being answered adequately? Is your support reps’ hair on fire? Technology startups that experience any kind of significant growth will get to a point where their customer support operations as they’ve known them will suddenly […]

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How to Optimize the IoT Customer Journey With Data

The Internet-of-Things revolution is on!  Every day new consumer IoT products make it to the marketplace, to make our homes smart, automate some of our daily tasks, manage our health and sleep, make us safer, etc.  Not to say anything about a whole other category of IoT devices intended for industry 4.0 applications. But let’s […]


How Customer Support Can Spur Customer Discovery

Customer support provides a surprising benefit that can help product management, marketing, customer success, and your company’s overall growth. What is that benefit? It’s what we call customer discovery. For too long support operations have been in the shadows of company growth, but no longer. With today’s complex AI-driven products, like smart home devices, security […]

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Growing Your IoT Startup Through Retention, Revenue Expansion, Referrals and Partnerships

For IoT companies to grow, they need to focus on more than just increasing their sales and marketing activity. To really grow – in revenue, profits and influence – IoT companies must look to customer success and customer support.  Support, in particular, must go from being a cost center to a profit center. In our […]

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8 Barriers to Consumer IoT Adoption

These are exciting times.  Technology is rapidly changing the way we do almost everything, even the simplest tasks of our daily lives. Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee explained what is happening and even coined the term the “Second Machine Age,” a time when the use and capabilities of the technologies we’ve created over the last […]


5 Challenges In Supporting IoT Devices

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading and influencing your lifestyle. Look no further than your car and you’ll see an inventory of gizmos and gadgets no one had dreamed of just a few short years ago. GPS, Bluetooth and video/music streaming now sells more cars than torque or […]

What Type Of Companies Do We Support?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown quickly and spread widely throughout the consumer market in the last few years. Both manufacturers and end users find themselves overwhelmed by a rapid array of IoT products. The IoT ecosystem is a moving target It is in this context that Infolink-exp has decided to offer its services. […]


How Long Should It Take for your Outsourced Support Team to Ramp Up?

You just had a great write-up on Mashable or Techcrunch. You’re company is growing like gangbusters. The products are flying off the shelves. And the support calls have exploded. You need your new outsourced support team up and running like…yesterday. But for this to happen, there are certain things that need to take place to […]

How to Execute Customer Support Plays for Your IoT Product

As we illustrated in our blog post The Guide to Growing Your IoT Business Through the Customer Journey Support Model, supporting the customer throughout their journey with your product is key to growth for IoT companies. In fact, the rise of the Customer Success group in consumer technology organizations and of the Chief Customer Officer […]

7 Criteria for Determining Your IoT Support Budget

Some of the biggest mysteries of the world come in “7s.” The seven wonders of the world. Seven unsolved mysteries that science can’t explain. The seven “new” wonders of the world. And then there are the seven criteria for determining an outsourced customer journey support budget. Because really, trying to figure out how to set […]