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Customer Journey Support for the IoT Revolution

Infolink-exp supports IoT and technology companies growth from onboarding of new customers to renewal
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By the year 2020, Bain predicts that annual revenues for IoT vendors could exceed $470 billion, and IHS predicts there’ll be 30.7 billion devices in operation.

But this fast-growth presents a critical problem for IoT vendors: how will they on-board, support and retain their customers, while turning them info fervent promoters of their brand?

Infolink-EXP designs, deploys and executes outsourced customer journey support that helps you scale.

Customer Experience and Customer Journey Support

We help you scale by providing outsourced capacity and expertise to handle customer interactions throughout the customer journey. And we also help you automate and design repeatable processes that will make scaling efficiently.

Customer and Product Analytics

Our Big Data analytics technology enables you to get customer and product insights faster, by using the data we get from the support operations and the connected devices themselves, as well as other sources of customer data. The goal is to produce actionable intelligence in support of both marketing and operations. Use cases include identifying at-risk customers, upsell or cross-sell opportunities, predicting support issues and identifying customer behaviors.

Growth Services

We offer growth-driving services in areas such as research, marketing operations, sales qualification, and product demos.  Our reps become intimately familiar with your organization and product, making your interactions with prospective customers that much more effective.